On this page you can find out how God has impacted the lives of some of the people who go to this church. We believe God has the power to change your life too!

Jenny Littleton

I put my trust in Jesus in 1985, sitting alone in my kitchen praying the suggested prayer on the back of a David Watson leaflet, and quite soon afterwards going forward at a Billy Graham Rally live relay at Carlyon Bay in St Austell. Although I told people about it I did not get much support and guidance in the early years, from the church I was already attending, and I was the only Christian in my household. 

I spent several years not really walking with God, but He has honoured His promise not to let any of His children go, and He brought me into fellowship several years ago with the

lovely members of BCF where warmth and love abounds, and where we learn together more about our wonderful Saviour, and find opportunities to serve.

I was blessed a few years ago to be able to serve as a Street Pastor with members of other churches in Bodmin. It was wonderful to fellowship with others from around Bodmin and to confirm that although we worship at different churches we are serving the same Saviour and God.

Last year after a long period of illness I was diagnosed with a large tumour on my brain. As soon as I was told, I knew God was in this with me and I felt such peace. I was upheld through the experience by the support and prayers of my brothers in Christ, not only at BCF but from many Chrstians around the UK. I had no fear of the surgery because I knew even if I did not make it back I would be with Jesus. My only sadness was the thought of the unsaved family and friends I would leave behind. I am now in full health and feel the urgency of letting others know of God's love and the need of salvation.

Mary Coad

On 27 th June 1985 I boarded a bus with a group of friends from my local church to travel to the Cornwall Coliseum at Carlyon bay to hear the American evangelist Billy Graham being streamed from Sheffield.
It was an unusual experience for me but my attention was caught when Billy Graham said “ If you should die tonight, where will you be going, Heaven or Hell?”
It was a knee jerk reaction —- I hadn’t thought about it before—- the realisation that I was heading for hell!
Billy Graham then explained how Jesus had died on the cross for me and if I believed that and trusted in him I would be saved from hell and heading for heaven. He then said that if we wanted to commit our lives to Jesus to come up onto the stage to be prayed for. I wanted to but felt rooted to my seat. From somewhere the strength came to go forward and I have never regretted it.
As Barbera Bush, President George’s wife said. ‘I believe in Jesus and he is my Saviour and I have no fear of death’

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